Whoever's ridden a galloping rhino swears it's a thrilling experience.
Has anyone mentioned to you that the rhinoceros can race at a speed of 65 kilometres per hour? Simply stated, if you’re on a racing rhino, you cover huge distances, within minutes.

At CEAT Tyres, your career graph will shoot forward swiftly. Big opportunities will come at you, fast. And you can gather them all up while you ride the rhino.

We’ve currently got our eyes wide open for people with a passion for adventure. Additionally, we want those with skill (it could be in any domain—marketing, human resource, design engineering or even quality assurance), and a mind that was born tough.

If you fit the bill, but are currently unfamiliar with the finer nuances of rhino riding, don’t let it stop you from applying to us. We’ll train you rigorously before we send you into the wild, making sure you have all the expertise you need to truly enjoy your ride.

The pastures are very green at the moment. If you’re ready to gallop into the future, join our team right away!